Dimf’s Hi-Fi is a home based audio dealership in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada offering select hi-fi audio products. Owned and operated by Fernando Dimailig.

Lumin – high end network players, amplifier

Audio Alchemy – pre-amplifier, amplifiers, phonostage

Lamm Industries – amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, phonostage

Magico – speakers, isolation systems, racking systems

Memory Player 64 – music server

PS Audio – amplifiers, integrated amplifier, DAC, cd player, phonostage, regenerating power plant, power distributors, power cables, accessories

Trodt Audio – tubed amplifiers, phonostage, pre-amplifiers

TFlo Audio – custom speakers

Von Schweikert Audio  – speakers

iFi Audio – DACs, portable audio

Demo products available. Private listening sessions by appointment only. Please call Fernando at 780-266-9149

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Purveyor of select high fidelity audio products