Dimf’s Hi-Fi

Dimf’s Hi-Fi is a home based audio dealership offering select hi-fi audio products.

Owned and operated by Fernando Dimailig,  a music lover. My quest for the best and most lifelike presentation of recorded music in my living room led me into audio hobby. It was quite a journey, I have met a lot of cool like minded people.

here is how it all got started..

I had been a music lover for as long as I could remember.  I grew up in small village in the province of Batangas, 120 kms south of Manila, Philippines. When I was in grade school, our father bought an Akai console stereo. Me and my two older sisters listened to Top 40 hits most of the time. When they started university, they also started buying vinyl records – Saturday Night Live Soundtrack, Best of John Denver, Best of Bee Gees were among the records that started their collection. When I turned 16, they gifted me with a Rolling Stones album – Time Waits for No One. This started my record collection. I remember skipping recess to save my small daily allowance so that I could buy a record. I became friends with the local record store owner and he was letting me take home LP’s and pay him when I had enough money saved.  Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, AC DC, Neil Young , Nazareth etc were among my favourites.

Me and my high school friends spent countless hours listening to music in our Akai System, sometimes while doing homework sometimes while consuming cheap liquor and home made appetizers. When I went to university in Manila, I had to leave my record collection in our provincial home. My mother gifted me with a Sanyo cassette player for doing well in high school. This cassette player and my growing tape collection accompanied me to various boarding houses in Manila.  I graduated from college, got employed and got married at 22. One of the very first acquisitions we made as a couple was a Sony mini component. We migrated to Canada in 1990, and of course, our first acquisition here was a JVC boombox. Unfortunately, I had to start building my music collection from the scratch.

When the home theater became popular, we got a JVC system and a set of Bose AM7 speakers. We enjoyed the home theater for movies and listening to music for a few years. In the meantime, I also got into a lot of other stuff.  Having a second daughter, working two jobs and other hobbies distracted me from my audio/music. I got into fitness and then golf. When I got into aqua hobby, I started to spend more time at home, and this led to more listening time. When my best buddy and golf partner passed away in 2006, I lost interest in golf. I spent more time in aqua hobby related forums, and this led to my interest again in music and audio related stuff..

Me and my wife went a CES 2008, where we also met Jack D.,  a long time audio friend from Manila. Jack had been deep into audio for a while and had been selling some high end stuff on the side (he was a congressman at the time). He introduced me to some of the brands he carried, which really really impressed me.. and the rest is history.


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  1. Dimf’s Hi-Fi is a home based audio dealership offering select hi-fi audio products. Owned and operated by Fernando Dimailig, a music lover.

    Authorized dealer :

    Aurender – music servers, portable DAC/amplifier, integrated amplifier, high quality docking speaker

    Lamm Industries – amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, phonostage

    Magico – speakers

    Masterbuilt – power cords, speaker cables, interconnects

    Memory Player 64 – music server

    PS Audio – amplifiers, integrated amplifier, DAC, cd player, phonostage, regenerating power plant, power distributors, power cables, accesories

    Trodt Audio – tubed amplifiers, phonostage, pre-amplifiers

    Von Schweikert Audio – speakers

    Wyred 4 Sound – DAC, music server, pre-amplifiers, amplifiers, cables

    Demo products available. Private listening sessions by appointment only. Please call Fernando at 780-266-9149

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