SW1X Audio Design

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SW1X Audio Design™ is about ultimate musical performance.

SW1X Audio Design™ stands for a hand crafted, ‘state of the art’ audio equipment design.  We design and manufacture high end performance, audio equipment for home use with finest components and best available technology.  Most of our products we offer are custom built to order. Everything we design is made by hand in England. Every product is engineered with just one objective in mind: to resurrect the spirit of music in a recording.

“Music by its very nature is an analogue signal borne from mechanical vibration, whether it is the vocal cord of a vocalist, string of a guitar or the skin of a drum. It is a time continuum from start to end which when broken is irreparably damaged and no amount of clever manipulation of the circuit design can restore it to its original time / frequency / amplitude duration relationship”.

SW1X Audio Design™ symbolises highest musical performance in audio reproduction. The sole objective is to design time-less audio equipment, which is capable to reproduce a recording the way the musicians intended the music to sound like. Reproducing a recording of musical performance the way it was recorded is simply not enough. A recording in itself is just a starting point not the end of how a recording should play. Only when the soul that the musicians put into the music is resurrected, only then there is a potential to get connected to the music emotionally.

If you are ultimately about musical performance and you are interested in owning equipment that just does that, you are at the right address.

Purveyor of select high fidelity audio products