Trodt Audio is a boutique audio builder based in Manila, Philippines. Designed and built by Rod Teope, one of the most highly regarded tubed products technician in the country. All transformers are custom wound for application, all products feature point to point wiring.

Rod had been commissioned to build numerous tubed amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and phono pre-amplifiers using the popular tubes like 6C33C-B, 845, 300B, GM70, KT150, 10Y, 6SN7, 6EM7, 6922 and other obscure tubes not commonly found on popular brands.


One of his unique creations is the parallel single ended triode amp switchable to pushpull operation amplifier using the 6C33C-B power tubes.


Tr kt150

his latest creation, KT150 Integrated Amp



Purveyor of select high fidelity audio products