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Von Schweikert Audio has been at the forefront of High-End Audio speaker engineering and manufacturing for more than 30 years. Over this time, our branded designs have earned more than 90 rave product reviews from the world-wide critical press including seven Product of the Year Awards. In fact, most reviews of our systems have received a strong recommendation to buy from the reviewer.

Because VSA is unique from other speaker manufacturers in having a Chief Engineer (instead of a “bean counter”) who guides the direction of the corporation, we dedicate far more time and resources to research and engineering rather than marketing. This single-minded focus on achieving sonic perfection has led to many breakthroughs in speaker designs, including Mr. Von Schweikert’s conclusion that a “correctly” designed loudspeaker’s goal is to accurately “decode” the information received by the microphone. In essence, a loudspeaker should work like a microphone in reverse. This fact, coupled with his great understanding of Psychoacoustics (the way the mind interprets sound), has been the foundation of his research.

With over 30 industry awards and a veritable “Who’s Who” of famous

clients, Mr. Albert Von Schweikert is THE speaker designer of choice for those who demand the World’s very best.

The Ultra

Over the decades, many things have inspired us to develop new loudspeaker designs; advancements in technology, shifts in the market or simply to satisfy a personal desire.  But once we decide to create something new, there are three major limiting factors to any design.

  • Application:  How and where the product will be used

  • Technology:  What is presently available

  • Price:  The greatest constraint

That is until now.

Each of the Ultra Line models was conceptualized by first asking this question.  “What would we create if budget were not a concern?”

Thus began a 3-year development cycle which is in the final stage.

The entire Ultra Line benefit from one very significant advantage; a cost no object budget.  Each loudspeaker in this line is built to order and incorporates the latest and greatest technical advancements to achieve the ultimate performance.

As such, the Von Schweikert Audio Ultra Line reference loudspeakers represents the pinnacle of our design and manufacturing achievements and deservedly holds the honor of our flagship systems.


UniField Model One MkII – 7″ two-way mini-monitor. Bookshelf speaker with woofer and concentric tweeter. Highly reviewed as “best imaging” and “most transparent speaker tested”. Eight ohms, 87dB, 40Hz – 25kHz, heavy triple-wall cabinet. Available in gloss black, cherry and sycamore finishes

Unifield Model Two MkII – 7″ three-way version of Uni 1. Large bookshelf speaker with subwoofer built in. Best small speaker available. Available in gloss black, cherry and sycamore finishes

Unifield Two Mk II Signature – The Ultimate Bookshelf Speaker. Featuring all magnesium drivers, premium European crossover parts, gold WBT Next-Gen binding posts and Delphi Wire. Built to deliver the Ultimate listening experience from a bookshelf speaker.

Unifield Model Three MkII – stacking cabinets, best drivers. 7″ three-way in small floor standing cabinet. Ribbon tweeter, highly reviewed. Available in gloss black, cherry and sycamore finishes


VR-44 Passive MkII – latest version of the VR-44. All new design. A single cabinet design using TriLaminate wall construction, new Hi-Resolution drive units, Delphi wire, teflon caps. Standard paint finishes are Steinway Hi-Gloss Black and Mercedes Platinum Silvergloss. optional paint finishes at extra cost, please inquire.

VR-44 Aktive MkII – powered sub-woofer version, dynamic! Six hundred watt Class A/B amp to drive the twin 8.8″ woofers, enabling bi-amping with small tube amplifiers to drive the midrange and tweeters. Internal crossover set at 100Hz.

VR-55 Passive – premium system in single cabinet. The former version of this speaker has been rated as “Best under $100,000” by two magazines. The finest, most expensive drivers are used, along with the world’s most expensive crossover parts and wiring. Build quality is stunning, using Triple-Wall cabinet technology. This system is Time Aligned and Phase Coherent. Steinway Piano Black is standard, but other automotive paints are optional

VR-55 Aktive – amplified subwoofer version of VR-55.

VR-9 MkII – World’s first speaker system with 10Hz – 100kHz range. Features room correction controls (passive) and amplified sub-woofer system with 1,000 watts and 15″ push-pull driver. Available in Steinway Hi-Gloss Piano Black, other finishes are optional at extra cost. Possibly the world’s best sounding speaker for it’s size!

VR-100XS – World’s most advanced speaker system. Featuring Active noise Reduction cabinet design, twin outboard sub-woofers with Active Bass Correction, 20 drivers (per system) fabricated with magnesium alloy diaphragms, Servo-controlled crossover, Time aligned, Phase Coherent

VR-11 MkII – Two VR-9’s stacked, own your own orchestra! Featuring 22 of the world’s best drivers, with four amplifiers and four 15″ push-pull sub-woofers, the VR-11 MkII can provide the enormous scale and dynamic range of the world’s largest orchestras. This system weighs almost two tons and can play as loud as any rock band. Available in any finish, including rare veneers or exotic paint


UniField Center – A coaxial center channel to match UniField Series

LCR-4 Center Speaker – Twin 6″ woofers with 1″ tweeter

Visiun Center Speaker – Named “Best Center Channel”. A Very large center speaker with a twin 7″ aluminum woofers, one 7″ Aerogel/Nextel Midrange and one 1″ ScanSpeak Neo Tweeter. Features Timbre Matching Controls to set the “voice” to match any main speaker, making this a true universal center speaker. Two magazines have called the Visiun “the world’s best center speaker”. Available only in black non-reflective B-17 Stealth coating

Visiun Signature – Premium version of the standard Visiun. Features twin SEAS 7″ magnesium woofers, one Audax custom 7″ midrange with composite cone formed of five elements, and the ScanSpeak Revelator Dual ring Radiator. Also features teflon film/copper foil capacitors and Delhi Aerospace Single Crystal wire. This version is voiced to match the VR-5, 7,9 and 11 models

ShockWave V-12 – world’s fastest sub-woofer? High speed sub-woofer utilizing our 2.75″ Triple-Wall Cabinet technology, a 12″ titanium-coned sub-woofer with dual 4″ voice coils for push-pull operation, 20 lb. magnetic structure, and 1,000 watt amplifier with Room Correction Parametric Equalizer to match the sub’s speed and tone to the room and main speakers. This sub is as fast as any electrostatic speaker system and can mate with any main left and right speaker. Comes with calibrated SPL level meter, microphone and test CD.

ShockWave V-12XS – an upgraded version of the V-12. The XS version has an upgraded amplifier made by CIAudio and features better specification. It is an extremely reliable amplifier which is hand-made in California

ShockWave V-15XS – a 15″ version of the ShockWave V-12 XS. If you have a very large room and don’t want to use two of the ShockWave V-12’s due to space, the ShockWave V-15 may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Although this model has enormous SPL output, the dual voice coil push-pull design, lightweight titanium cone, and 1,000 watt amplifier has blazingly fast transient response.

TS-Surround 3 – 5″ Surround speaker with aluminum drive units. Available in painted or veneered cabinets

TS-Surround 4 – 7″ Surround speaker. Our new surround speaker with 7″ woofer and 1″ tweeter, used on stands or wall mounting brackets. Monopole Dolby-Labs design for newer film scores. Available in Steinway High-Gloss Black, cherry or sycamore.

All Von Schweikert Audio speaker systems have a Five-year Warranty while amplifiers used in our VR-44 Aktive and ShockWave subs have a Three-year Warranty. Burnt voice coils due to abuse are not covered.

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